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Only 15% pass DriveABLE test

Originally published in Victoria Times Colonist. VANCOUVER — The government needs to do a better job of explaining a computerized driving test for seniors suspected of cognitive impairment, Solicitor-General Shirley Bond said in an open letter Tuesday. The 45-minute TOUCH SCREEN EXAM called Driveable, has angered seniors who say it is unfair and an inappropriate […]


MISLEADING AND FALSE ASSERTIONS by DriveABLE ASSESSMENT CENTRES. 1.1) FALSE ASSERTIONS which have been PUBLISHED on the DriveABLE website: “It is our goal to protect competent drivers”. “We PROTECT safe drivers from MISIDENTIFICATION”. Through AWARD WINNING university RESEARCH, we’ve developed the DCAT – The DriveABLE Cognitive Assessment Tool; It’s the only cognitive assessment shown to […]

Insurance Corporation, BC

The Insurance Corporation of B.C. says seniors (age 70 and over) cause 95 out of every 1,000 accidents in B.C. The average crash rate for drivers of all ages is 124 out of every 1,000 accidents. 26/02/17


It is now widely known, that it is not only younger drivers but also distracted drivers who are a major cause of on road collisions. However in Alberta, millions upon millions of tax dollars are being spent on medical assessments and driver testing of older Albertans, a segment of the population, who are not causing […]

DriveABLE New Source of Revenue

One reason why DriveABLE has become so successful in promoting their product not only in Canada but also in the USA, as noted on their website “Not only do DriveABLE assessments provide healthcare professionals with risk evaluations regarding patients’ cognitive driving abilities, they also provide a NEW SOURCE OF REVENUE that was PREVIOUSLY INACCESSIBLE. DriveABLE […]

Testing senior drivers

Ottawa Citizen Dear Mr. Egan, My name is Ed. Rockburne, retired Sgt from the RCMP who has spent the last 31/2 years researching and trying to bring to the publics attention, that special testing of older drivers is based on nothing more than common myth and discrimination. All major research in Canada , Europe , […]

It’s not seniors

Traffic deaths were up more than 50 per cent in Edmonton in 2015 with a total of 35 people killed on city streets. That’s up from 23 deaths last year. Almost half of the fatal crashes involved IMPAIRED DRIVERS and one-third involved EXCESSIVE SPEED. “We’ve seen a lot of innocent victims who have died as […]

Dobbs: Flawed Research

FLAWED CONCLUSION AUTHOR – ROBERT GIFFORD, PhD Author information ? Copyright and License information ? Dobbs’ conflict of interest in the study “Accuracy of the DriveABLE cognitive assessment to determine cognitive fitness to drive”1 appears to have coloured the interpretation of the results to an unacceptable degree, and the manuscript’s conclusions should have been totally […]

Cognitive screening

COGNITIVE SCREENING OF OLDER DRIVERS DOES NOT PRODUCE SAFETY RESUTS. Abstract Although screening policies for older drivers based on chronological age are widely used in many countries, previous research has shown that increasing age does not cause higher crash rates and that consequently, chronological age per se is at best only a weak predictor of […]

Former premier Ed Stelmach chairs Covenant Health

SENIORS BETRAYED BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT, BY THEIR OWN ELECTED MLA’S. Former Premier Ed. Stelmach named new Covenant Health Chair, is quoted as “I have always had a tremendous interest in making sure we take care of the most vulnerable”. indeed. In 2002, the Operator Licensing & Vehicle Control Regulation of the Alberta Traffic Safety […]

Stelmach named to Covenant Health

Former Premier Ed. Stelmach named new Covenant Health Chair, is quoted as “I have always had a tremendous interest in making sure we take care of the most vulnerable”. indeed. He is the same man who in 2002, under the watch of the Honourable Premier Klein, without justification, changed the Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control […]

Press Release

Seniors across Alberta, have been subjected to an injustice of unspeakable magnitude. Silence, surrounding the violation of senior rights, has been deafening. We have publicly alleged that the Simard MD & DriveABLE pilot project is a massive, sophisticated multi-million dollar scam which has been perpetrated against the older citizens of this Province by government and […]

Albertan fights for right to drive

ELDER ABUSE BY GOVERNMENT. Judy Sutter did not expect she would ever be fighting for her father’s driving licence. That is, until the day he faced provincial SIMARD MD and the DriveABLE assessments, when his driving future began to look uncertain. “Until the day the government took his licence away, dad was able to drive […]

Letter to Allan Dobbs

REGISTERED MAIL January 13, 2016 Dr. Allan Dobbs, PhD, Chairman of Board, DriveABLE Assessment Centres Inc. 10650 113 Street, Edmonton, AB. T5H 3H6 Dear Dr. Dobbs: REFERENCE – DRIVEABLE ASSESSMENT CENTRES INC. Registered Address # 220 8 Perron street, St. Albert AB. T8N 1E4 Corporate Access Number # 209042928 Please allow us to express our […]

Cognitive screening.

Task Force Findings: MD’S SHOULD SCREEN FOR COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT ONLY IF SYMPTOMATIC It’s about time someone called the screening of patients aged 65 and older for mild cognitive impairment–unless they have symptoms like memory loss–a total waste of money and time. The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care (CTFPHC) was established by the Public […]