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Dr. Christian Fuchs refuses to overrule DriveAble

Further to our meeting, you stated that one in six seniors suffers from dementia. We believe that you inferred that this statistic applied to the age group of those seventy – five years of age and over who apply for driving license renewal. Please advise us where you obtained such data?

Henry Yip, DriveABLE CEO

Henry Yip, DriveABLE CEO Henry Yip came to Canada from Shanghai in 1969 on a one-way plane ticket, and landed a successful business career that took him to the CEO post at an Edmonton company…

Dr. Bonnie Dobbs: Call for scientific validation, Simard MD

Further to your correspondence of August 5, 2010. You state that “the SIMARD MD 1. has been validated against actual driving performance 1. been scientifically validated as an effective screening tool”.

Targeting Seniors with DriveABLE

We have uncovered a government initiative designed to arbitrarily strip seniors of their rights and their driving licenses…

Is DriveABLE workABLE?

The DriveABLE test involves sitting in front of a touch-screen computer with three extra buttons at the bottom. Most seniors being tested this way are unfamiliar with computers, touch screens, and computer-generated visuals. If they fail, they are told so within 2 minutes by a clerk. There is no appeal; the licence is revoked on the spot. You can retest after 6 months for $200. Imagine being told you are cognitively deficient, not by your doctor but by a clerk.

Beware of the Simard MD

The SIMARD MD test purports to be a screening tool for  the identification of cognitively impaired medically at-risk drivers.  It consists of three questions that supposedly identifies if a person  is cognitively fit to drive.  At the beginning of the test the person is given 10 words. He/she              must repeat as many as possible. […]

Passengers distract, too

Being a new driver has its freedoms and responsibilities. You have the freedom to drive wherever you want, whenever you want. The responsibility is to obey the laws and drive with care. These days, new drivers abuse this opportunity. I have only driven for a short period of time and I have already had near […]

DriveAble responsible for license taken from BC senior deemed fit to drive

A Vancouver senior is criticizing the B.C. government for taking away his driver’s licence despite assessments by doctors who said he is fit to drive. “Driving has been my bread and butter my whole life, that’s how I made my living,” Robert Dent, 74, told the CBC’s Go Public. “I miss my job. I miss […]

Why target seniors?

Letter to the Editor, The Edmonton Journal

Seniors would choose disease over loss of driver’s licence

Many seniors would rather hear that they have cancer than be told to surrender their driver’s licence, according to research from McGill University. “Older drivers tell us the day you’re told, ‘Hand over your licence’ is worse than a cancer diagnosis,” researcher Nicol Korner-Bitensky said Thursday. “I heard it so many times I was shocked,” […]

Vehicular Injury Homicide

Gladys Marie Donelon in a deadly car accident on August 6, 2007. Another passenger in the vehicle, Chelsea Donelon suffered critical injuries which resulted in paraplegia….

Simard, MD Driving Test

We have learned that the Simard MD test is being used by the Primary Care Network personnel to test Alberta Seniors to see if they are fit to drive…

DriveAble Report Used to Strip Senior of Rights

The following was excerpted from a lengthy complaint which had been made to the Alberta Law Society concerning the abuse of Martha Matich, February 25, 2000, prepared by the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society…

Age Discrimination

We have learned that a person who reaches the age of 75 years must have a physical examination by a physician before he/she can apply to renew their driving license. They must also bear the cost of that physical examination. Alberta citizens must undergo this examination even though they may never have had an accident or charges laid against them…

Senior Referred to third party for unjust driver assessment

Transcription (edited) I was called on December 9, 2009 by a nurse who said her name was Sandra Butler and worked with Doctor J. Wong at the Gateway Pharmacy, 3803 Calgary Trail. [I was] to come in [and] have a chat with her. I was approached in the office by Sandra asking me to follow […]