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DriveABLE, P-J Barclay CEO Misleads CTV

HAND DELIVERED December 14, 2019 P-J Barclay, President & CEO DriveABLE Enjoy Life Church, 3935 114 Street, Edmonton, AB. T6J 1M3 Dear Mr. Barclay: DRIVEABLE SEEKS TO PREVENT SENIOR DRIVING DEATHS. Mr. Barkley you made misleading statements to CTV in yesterday’s broadcast. First of all, In this Broadcast you referred to severely outdated data. And […]

Medical Screening of Older Drivers

Medical Screening of Older Drivers Counter-productive and ageist, and obscuring the real needs for assessment and rehabilitation services Prof Desmond O’Neill MA MD FRCPI AGSF FRCP(Glasg)1 “En vieillissant on devient plus fou et plus sage”: with this phrase la Rochefoucald summarizes the duality of ageing, which brings growth and loss at all ages. In later […]

Michel Bédard Does not Favour age Based Testing

Michel Bédard, director of the Centre for Research on Safe Driving at Lakehead University, isn’t a fan of age-based testing. “ There isn’t a heck of a lot of evidence that having regular testing actually makes a difference,” he said People either lose their license when they shouldn’t, or have to go for more testing, […]

Cognitive screening of older drivers does not produce safety benefits

  Cognitive screening of older drivers does not produce safety benefits. Siren A1, Meng A. Author information 1 Department of Transport, Technical University of Denmark, Bygningstorvet 115, DK-2800 Kgs, Lyngby, Denmark. aks@transport.dtu.dk   Abstract   Although screening policies for older drivers based on chronological age are widely used in many countries, previous research has shown […]

Driving Cessation and Social Isolation in Older Adults

  Driving Cessation and Social Isolation in Older Adults Weidi Qin, MSW, MPH, Xiaoling Xiang, PhD, MSW, Harry Taylor, PhD, MSW, MPH First Published August 20, 2019 Research Article https://doi.org/10.1177/0898264319870400 Article information Objective: This study investigated the impact of driving cessation on social isolation in older adults. Method: Data were obtained from Rounds 1 through […]

Kerry Brown Defends Abusive DriveABLE Employee

Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society HAND DELIVERED July 16 2015 Mr. Kerry Brown CA, Acting Chairman of Board, DriveABLE Assessment Centres Inc. 10650 113 Street, Edmonton, AB. T5H 3H6 Dear Mr. Brown: Reference: Laura Morgensen, DriveABLE Assessment Centres Thank you for your response of May 15, 2015. Please allow us to again express our concern […]

Statistics Indicate that Seniors are safe Drivers

Angry senior sues over licence nightmare

Seniors find getting licence back can be nearly impossible BY CHRIS ZDEB An Alberta senior is suing Alberta Transportation, his former family doctor, and the creators of two cognitive assessment of safe driving tests after having to spend eight months and hundreds of dollars fighting to get his driver’s licence renewed. Louis de Vos, 76, […]

Lifetime license in Germany

From a reader In Germany you keep your license for life unless you do something really bad like causing a very serious accident. However, this goes for everybody – age has nothing to do with it! I would like to see the law changed to the way it is in Germany. No punishment unless you […]

Letter: Ed. Rockburne, RCMP, Sgt. Retired

Mrs. Isobel MacKenzie, B.C. Advocate for Seniors. Dear Madam, I would like to bring to your attention blatant violations of the Elderly Drivers of B.C., Ontario and Alberta Which the Governments refuse to address. This cries out for fairness, and I would appreciate your assistance for all of the seniors in B.C. A similar email […]

Vehicular Homicide Caused by Driver With Previous Record

The 25-year-old driver charged in connection with a fatal crash in Surrey, B.C. over the weekend has nine previous driving infractions on his record. Nicolas Karvouniaris, 26, was speeding, he pleaded guilty, and struck a deal that had the Crown asking for a maximum two years in prison. Karvouniaris is charged with dangerous driving causing […]

Driving after 75: Safety first, or ageism?

Driving after 75: Safety first, or ageism? Is singling out drivers 75 and older “grossly unfair”?   BY CHRIS ZDEB OCT 2, 2019 (First of a two-part series.) Prime Times     Alberta drivers are required to pass a mandatory medical exam to renew their licence at age 75, age 80, and every two years […]

Elder Drivers being discriminated Against by the Ontario Government

OVERVIEW Some seven years ago I began researching why the elder drivers were being subjected to special testing when they reach 80 years of age, despite being healthy and having a good driving record, covering many years. I researched all of the major studies on elder drivers from England, Australia , Canada and the United […]

Alberta Transportation Abuse

ABUSE BY DRIVER FITNESS AND MONITERING REVIEW OFFICER, ALBERTA TRANSPORTATION John B. had to sell his beloved Family Farm because he was directed by Driver Fitness and Monitoring Review Officer that he was allowed to drive in Edmonton but not in rural Thorhild, AB. The Auction Sale at which his machinery was sold was much […]

Brian Mason, Olga Tavares

July 21 2018 The Honourable Mr. Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation, # 324 Legislature Building 10800 97 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5K 2B6   REGISTERED MAIL   Ms. Olga Tavares, Director, Driver Fitness and Monitoring Branch Main Floor, Twin Atria Building, Edmonton, AB. T6B 2X3 VIA FACSIMILE (780) 422-6612     Dear Mr. Minister: Ms.Tavares: […]