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The Last Difficult Days of Willi Stratkotter

A family’s concern

‘Systemic vulnerabilities’ let killer nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer keep on killing — report

Ontario to act on some of Justice Eileen Gillese’s recommendations, minister says Kate Dubinski · CBC News · Posted: Jul 31, 2019 12:02 PM ET | Last Updated: July 31 ‘We cannot assume that because [Elizabeth] Wettlaufer is behind bars, the threat to the safety and security of those receiving care in the long-term care […]

Psychiatric Euthanasia: Death Sentence

Psychiatric euthanasia is a death sentence for depressed people. By Mark Hodges (EPC Researcher) This is for all the lonely people, thinking that life has passed them by: Don’t Give Up…” sang the pop group America in their 1974 number five hit song. Today, however, more and more doctors say to lonely people, “If you […]

Joint Bank Accounts

Financial institutions such as banks, credit unions and trust companies may offer customers the option to set up a joint account. When the phrase “joint bank account” or “joint account” is used in this brochure it refers to joint accounts at financial institutions. WHAT IS A JOINT ACCOUNT? Joint accounts are bank accounts in which […]

Mental Capacity

Having the mental capacity required for making an Enduring Power of Attorney means that you: • know what property you have and its approximate value; • are aware of your obligations to the people who depend on you financially; • know what authority you are giving to your Attorney; • know that your Attorney is […]

Recommendations & Observations For Better Care in Elder Care Facilities

PREPARED BY A CLIENT WHOSE FAMILY MEMBER (Grandpa) WAS IN CARE – CALGARY – – Check if doctor’s Order are being carried out – wound care. check over patients whole body for skin problems. – Government publishes that high needs patients can get up to 8 hours a day direct care – or even more […]

Elder Drivers being discriminated Against by the Ontario Government

OVERVIEW Some seven years ago I began researching why the elder drivers were being subjected to special testing when they reach 80 years of age, despite being healthy and having a good driving record, covering many years. I researched all of the major studies on elder drivers from England, Australia , Canada and the United […]

Conservatorship (Guardianship) In The U.S. : Protection Or Exploitation?

Conservatorshipis a legal concept in the United States. A guardian or a protector is appointed by a judge to manage the financial affairs and/or daily life of another due to physical or mental limitations, or old age. A person under conservatorship is a “conservatee,” a term that can refer to an adult. Ginger Franklin was […]

Shaun Joseph steals $166,000 from disabled mother

Shaun Joseph, 59, of Ohio, U.S.A has been accused of stealing $166,000 from his disabled 91-year-old mother and using the money to buy sex dolls and lingerie A 59-year-old Ohio man has been arrested for allegedly stealing $166,000 from his dementia-stricken elderly mother, which police say he then used to buy a large cache of […]

Alberta Transportation Abuse

ABUSE BY DRIVER FITNESS AND MONITERING REVIEW OFFICER, ALBERTA TRANSPORTATION John B. had to sell his beloved Family Farm because he was directed by Driver Fitness and Monitoring Review Officer that he was allowed to drive in Edmonton but not in rural Thorhild, AB. The Auction Sale at which his machinery was sold was much […]

Regenerating Brain Cells

During the late 1990s, researchers at Rockefellers University in New York City conducted studies in which marmoset monkeys were injected with a tracer chemical that could differentiate between slow-dividing mature brain cells and fast-dividing new ones. What they found was that the hippocampus (a region of the brain associated with memories, learning, and emotions) continued […]

Niels Högel Nurse Mass Murderer

Niels Högel Nurse Mass Murderer. Niels Hogel used various drugs to orchestrate cardiac arrests in patients in order to show off his resuscitation skills. Police suspect that Högel’s final death toll may be more than 200, while one spokesperson for a group of the victims’ relatives put the number as high as 300. When Niels […]

Revera, Bow – Crest, Calgary

Hello, My grandfather passed away a year ago. – the diaper has to be 75% full before changing it. – leaving him in a wheelchair up to 6 hours at a time – some people sit in the chair all day. – not spending proper time to fed. – placing him in a sling that […]


“SENIORS SPEAK OUT” Thursday, April 4, 2019 @ 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM OLD TIMERS CABIN, 9430 Scona Rd (99th Street) NW, Edmonton, AB. Seniors and others from across the province representing seniors, will be presenting senior issues. Everyone welcome ————- We anticipate that the Lieutenant Governor, Ms. Lois Mitchell, will be in attendance. Confirmed […]

Neglect at the Edith Cavell Care Centre

NOTE: Mr. Kurvink tried to charge me almost $1,200 to copy my parents charts! Once I submitted a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner and an investigation was conducted, the fee dropped to just under $400. Quite a difference! Lethbridge, AB March 14, 2008 John Kurvink Chantelle Management 9110-196A Street Langley, BC V1M 3B4 Dear Mr. […]